Monday, 12 July 2010


My son made a point today about multitasking. He said, "Dad, I can do more than one thing at a time." He then proceeded to explain that he could breathe, walk and wave a toy in the air all at once.

I thought men were supposed to be bad at multitasking!

Sunday, 11 July 2010

LDS OCD - First Post

This blog is designed to give a little glimpse into the day to day processes of an LDS person with OCD. I have experienced Obsessive compulsive disorder for about 15 years. I have recently begun to embark on an odyssey of healing.

I have battled with my own cognition and have learned that only in and through Jesus Christ and his atonement I can be healed. This has come in the form of inspired helpers or in the form of packets of direct revelation, designed just for me.

I wanted to write this blog to allow others to learn that there is hope. That lives can be changed for the better and that no-one is alone in their journey.

OCD has been my challenge. For some periods it has been disabling and for others it has merely lurked in the background. It has never left me alone for long enough to let me learn to really live and savour moments, experiences, friends and family.

I have turned to the web as a resource on a number of occasions looking for insights and counsel that might help. Rarely have I found anything non-clinical, new and inspiring.

As a Latter-Day saint I am one of a particular group of people. Latter-Day Saints are Christians, intent on living clear principles of faith, hope, charity and love. We are a people of principle trying to live the Gospel of Jesus Christ as revealed in our day. These Christ centered patterns are essential in providing happiness and direction in life. (see

As a Latter-Day Saint, I make no claim to be better than any other individual of any other faith.

I intend this blog to be for those who are struggling with the effects of obsessive compulsive disorder.

These posts will show my journey and will outline some of the experiences I have undergone. It will also highlight truths and consider keys that have been turned in my life to bring me further out of darkness.

I am not fully healed. I am on my journey, as you are on yours.