Monday, 17 September 2012

Maybe Just Don't Analyze

Here's another revolutionary thought (as if!). It relates to the good old OCD mind. In my experience the cycle of rumination (obsessive thinking) kicks in and it's hard to shake.

I once heard a radio broadcast about anxiety. The announcer suggested that a good way to deal with this is to "park" worries for a specified time later in the day. If they're still a problem, you can pick them up again. He suggested that most worries would melt away.

Personally, I am not quite brave enough to manage this. The process sounds good and may well work for some. For me, it is too tempting to hold on to this worry or that anxiety. The old " what was I really thinking" or "what did I really mean" etc. kicks in and it's hard not to go there.

Maybe I should make me an appointment for a daily review with myself and park things till then. If I could meet myself to talk about my OCD I'm sure me and myself could talk ourselves into a right old state about things.

Until next time.......

Sunday, 16 September 2012

OCD Attacks What Matters Most

My OCD is pretty all encompassing at times. There are occasions when I ruminate so much over some of my anxious worries that it takes over.

One of the things I've learned is that OCD attacks the parts of life we hold dearest. The worries we have, that are caused by OCD, generally reflect what matters most. For example, those that fearfully ruminate on matters of honesty are folks that are committed to being honest.

In some ways I feel when I am obsessive about checking things it also relates to fear. Why do I feel the need to go and check if that appliance is switched off? In my mind it is because I don't want it to burst into flames (as if it would!). I don't want to burn my home down and cause harm to others.

Citing the examples above, being honest and not harming others are good motives but OCD takes things to the extreme end. It is because of these good traits that we have OCD in the first place. If we didn't care about being honest or the welfare of others there would be no OCD behaviour / thinking.

So we can rest our minds a little in the knowledge that OCD has set in, at least in part, due to some very positive characteristics.

Mundane and Ordinary

Looking around at the objects surrounding me are a great many simple and far from glamorous things. A toolbox, a pair of beaten up slippers, a chipped guitar and a pile of ironing.

In the world's eyes, items of esteem tend to be modern, shiny and new. Gadgets and gold catch the attention.

But what of the simple, straightforward and ordinary items that surround us, without which smooth running breaks down. They are under appreciated.

When we stop and think about it, this is reflective of people. Those with so-called special talents catch the eye. I love sport, music and movies and don't wish to denigrate those pursuits but if you can sing, run or act, the world tends to place you on a pedestal.

The truth is that the man on the train, the lady at the bus stop, the worker at the checkout, are all worthy of our attention and appreciation.

There is great depth and value to the unsung. There is no such thing as mundane and ordinary.

Saturday, 1 September 2012

Putting in the Hard Yards

Considering Nephi's wilderness wanderings, it strikes me that they all had to put up with some close to intolerable issues. They walked vast distances, endured scorching desert heat. In case of the women, they carried and gave birth to children, subsisting on raw meat etc. I moan when I can't find the TV remote. What chance would I have had.

After Nephi and his party had reached the coast they arrived at a place called Bountiful with it's fruit and honey.

The bounty os sweet honey and fruit followed the raw meat. The blessing came on the heels of the trial.

How often do I lack the endurance it really takes to make a good go of things. Maybe if I can catch the vision of the blessing following the trial, I might be able to better endure my issues.

Dear All! Whoopsee! A few months ago I wrote noting that I was committed to keeping up my blog. Human nature being as it is, I flopped. That's OK because I feel a flurry of writing coming on. Why? Is it because I'm feeling better? Nope. Is it because I have more time on my hands? Negative. Is it because I have a better handle on my OCD? Maybe. Overall, I just feel it's time. I am ready to unleash some new posts on my innumerable readers. Until next time (hopefully before 2013)....