Monday, 27 June 2011

OCD Blog - The Second

Following on from my first post (almost a year ago!!!), it's about time I got to it again.

About this time last year I started to visit with a counsellor (LDS family services). I learned a lot about myself through this process. Did it fix things? Nope, but I didn't anticipate that it would. It did make things better. It gave me a release valve at about 2-4 weekly intervals which was pretty important.

I figure that my overly scrupulous mind has patterns worn so deep that the path of least resistance, in thinking terms anyway, is a well travelled route. In other words, I am so completely automatic in my OCD thinking that it is going to take a while to reprogramme my thought processes.

A recent thought:

- Some itches shouldn't be scratched.
Sometimes it seems so normal to revert to compulsive behaviours. Sometimes scratching an itch can make it worse. When I feel compelled to respond in a compulsive way it is like scratching a sore. Short term relief leads to long term discomfort.

More to follow.....