Monday, 21 May 2012

God's Book

I've read some fine literature in my time. Some classics. Some contemporary favorites. Now, I claim not to be an avid book reader so I include in my list of worthy writing the occasional t-shirt, splash of graffiti or even a bumper sticker (Thanks President Uchtdorf - see the Sunday morning session of the April 2012 conference if you don't know what I mean.). In some ways Charlie Brown has influenced me as much as Charles Dickens. But that's OK.

Good writing in my view, transports you elsewhere only to return you home a little better than you were before.

God is an author in a number of ways. He has created our mortal sphere, laying down a blueprint for the Saviour to follow in our physical coming to life. He is behind the many "coincidences" that occur and is to be found in the design of nature (if we look closely enough).

The scriptures in many ways give us a pure experience that outlines our Heavenly Father's plan. Love letters from Heaven indeed.

In addition, Jesus tells us that, "all things are written by the Father".

What is in God's book? I think each of us is featured. I wonder what He has to say about us. Who in his book are the good guys and who are the bad guys. Or are there any? I'm sure his view of us is quite different to our own. For the better....

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  1. Interesting perspective. I find myself wondering how my "character" would come across.