Wednesday, 3 April 2013

OCD Cleaning

I watched a show recently called "Obsessive Compulsive Cleaners". It is a show on Channel 4 (in the UK) which matches up members of the British public with an OCD person who is obsessed with cleaning. It is watchable but offers a few limited insights into OCD. A thought that I had relates to the public perception of OCD. For some it is viewed as a quirky little phenomenon that might drive people to having a tidy and clean home. You might hear the comment, "I'm a bit OCD about that", which is most likely directed to some issue related to order or sanitary housekeeping. Maybe this is true. Perhaps OCD is more of a spectrum of issues than a black and white condition. In other words maybe we're all "a bit OCD". The public might erroneously observe some value in OCD. In fact I once spoke with a doctor who suggested my issues might be helpful in getting things done. I don't suffer as much as some. I know that there are people for whom stable and comfortable living is impossible. Some individuals have compulsions that have taken over their lives. There is a good article on OCD-UK about this. It refers to the idea of being "a bit OCD" and draws comparison with some of the people who are struggling to cope.

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  1. I have not seen such program. It seems interesting. Thanks for the giving the references. I will wait for them to get my home clean.