Sunday, 16 September 2012

Mundane and Ordinary

Looking around at the objects surrounding me are a great many simple and far from glamorous things. A toolbox, a pair of beaten up slippers, a chipped guitar and a pile of ironing.

In the world's eyes, items of esteem tend to be modern, shiny and new. Gadgets and gold catch the attention.

But what of the simple, straightforward and ordinary items that surround us, without which smooth running breaks down. They are under appreciated.

When we stop and think about it, this is reflective of people. Those with so-called special talents catch the eye. I love sport, music and movies and don't wish to denigrate those pursuits but if you can sing, run or act, the world tends to place you on a pedestal.

The truth is that the man on the train, the lady at the bus stop, the worker at the checkout, are all worthy of our attention and appreciation.

There is great depth and value to the unsung. There is no such thing as mundane and ordinary.

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