Saturday, 1 September 2012

Putting in the Hard Yards

Considering Nephi's wilderness wanderings, it strikes me that they all had to put up with some close to intolerable issues. They walked vast distances, endured scorching desert heat. In case of the women, they carried and gave birth to children, subsisting on raw meat etc. I moan when I can't find the TV remote. What chance would I have had.

After Nephi and his party had reached the coast they arrived at a place called Bountiful with it's fruit and honey.

The bounty os sweet honey and fruit followed the raw meat. The blessing came on the heels of the trial.

How often do I lack the endurance it really takes to make a good go of things. Maybe if I can catch the vision of the blessing following the trial, I might be able to better endure my issues.

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