Monday, 9 April 2012

Get Connected

I was passing our neighbours' place the other day. Our neighbours are working over here from eastern Europe and have gone home for Easter. I wondered how a couple of overseas guys would feel about leaving and heading home. What would they miss? What is it that gives them a sense of connection with their residence over here?

It struck me that the sense of connection I feel comes not from landscape, amenities, geography or any such thing. It is without question people that matter. We need to connect with people. As a result of hiding my true self away it is easy to fail to connect with others. When you have OCD, one of your biggest focuses is one of your biggest secrets. It is difficult to be yourself and connect fully with others when you are hiding away. I think it is important to be able to open up to the right person / people. Strangely enough you would think I would talk to God about my issues moer than I do but I think I have normalised the pain I feel and tend to just get on with it.

My counsel: Don't just get on with it if you can get help. Talk to God. Talk to someone. Once you have tried to get some help and done all you can in faith, then it's time to get on with it. I truly believe God the Eternal Father of all members of the human family is there, willing us forward, ready to bless us in all of our endeavours. Our Saviour Jesus Christ offers healing through His atonement. Let's get out of God's way and let him do his miraculous healing work.

Once we have commenced our healing journey, we can begin to connect with our dear friends like never before. I have felt this begin to happen in my life. As I slowly edge down the path to recovery I feel more of a desire to have people in my life and I am more ready than ever before to be me.

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