Tuesday, 10 April 2012


I spoke with a holistic medical practioner today. He thinks he can help me. I expected he would, after all he is getting paid. Despite my latent cynicism I do trust the guy. I am not writing to suggest a particular brand of therapy in any way. I am wary of folks that earn their living through alternative therapies as you could spend a lot of cash for little impact. To me it is important that we follow the Spirit of the Lord in selecting any medical help. The main thing was that I was pretty open with this chap. This was somewhat a departure. Usually in conversation I am a closed book. Just being able to chat openly about my issues was an interesting departure. I am not saying that we should be an open book with others but would suggest that we should be true to ourselves. I have, for years, hidden away the parts of me that I thought others would find unpopular. For example when I was a teenager I dated a girl who hated football (soccer). "Football", I proclaimed, "is a waste of time" (or words to that effect). What a fibber. For years I have been living someone else's story. This has a depleting effect on one's energy and is not in any way healthy. Be true to the principles of the Gospel and be true to yourself. These things are of paramount importance. Please, please think about this and then act in accordance with the principles of the Gospel. It will help you to be happy.

On my last post I said I would cover some points about my shifting OCD patterns. I'll do that next time.

Until then.............

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