Friday, 20 April 2012

Line upon Line

Dear All, It's pretty clear to me that the Lord loves us all. I think it was Elder Patrick Kearon who said that he especially loves those who don't feel that God actually does have a love for them. I know that the Lord is real and wants to reach out and bless us. I have OCD and am troubled by general anxiety. I also have a job that i extremely stressful. This week I have been praying, as have the rest of my family, for a miracle. What I really wanted was for the Lord to swoop down and deliver me from the stress, trouble and anxiety I feel, maybe even changing up my employment circumstances to ease some burdens. What has actually transpired has been different. The Lord has blessed me to gain some new insights instead thus far. I have learned through inspiration, brought through feelings of my heart. The Lord loves me and wants me to be myself. That's right. Warts and all me. That doesn't mean I should misbehave but be me. I have allowed some of my weaknesses to be a bit more visible and it feels great. I don't think I will be an open book but it certainly feels good to be more honest and clear with folks about what is going on. Maybe miracles have been wrought. It might just be that the path of deliverancewill come a step at a time.

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